Our goal

Our goal is to provide high-quality content around Hytale, written and proofread by a team of passionate people. News, analysis, forecasts, speculations or various creators contents, we’re here to present everything to you. We love video games, we’re hyped by Hytale, and we want to share this with you.

Who are we?

We are a team of passionated people of varying ages – from 15 to 47 years old! Most of this team comes from the news site Minecraft.fr, the project built up from there. Five days after Hytale’s trailer release, we directly came forward with the idea, and the day after we were launched into this adventure.

Our way to operate

We are convinced that teamwork is the best way to make a project flourish, that’s why we try to decentralize its management. This allows us to capture every idea, while keeping a guideline.

With this in mind, three people are in charge of their own part of Hytale Academy : TheShining for writing and editorial staff, Mathéo / DiscowZombie for our forums, and sirlinium for preparation and managment of our incoming Hytale server.

In fact, roles only consist in access to additional tools allowing application of what’s proposed, discussed and decided by the team in its entirety.